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Hello and welcome to 111 Jewellers!


This collection of 111 jewelry is all about the world of colour, a cosmic journey from light to dark, and all the colours that stem from it. Each piece has a story and its own unique personality. It is up to you to choose whether to connect to the warmth of sunshine through the joyous yellow, or channel your passionate side through the daredevil that is red.


For this reason I'd like to think of  111 jewelry pieces as little gems of wonders, as each piece carries with it a magical story told through symbols and different flavours that the colour spectrum has. 


I hope each piece brings a sense of its own unique personality into its owner's life as they wear it. They are simply reminders for you to unlock the colourful and multifaceted aspects of your personality.

Whichever colour, symbol or story calls to you at this time, why not take the call? It just might unlock a new side of you waiting to emerge. And maybe this is now your sign to take it.



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